Royal Eijsbouts Bell Foundry

Asten, The Netherlands

Casting a bronze church bell Finishing and cleaning a new bell.

Chime Master's affiliation with the bell foundry of Royal Eijsbouts (Dutch: Koninklijke Eijsbouts) means we can supply you with a single bell, a peal of swinging bells, a chime, or a carillon with electrical or traditional mechanical clavier playing action.

Eijsbouts has been in business for more than 135 years and has provided bells for prestigious installations all over the world. In 2006, Eijsbouts cast the world's largest swinging bell for a resort in Gotenba City, Japan. Weighing 79,750 pounds with a diameter of twelve and a half feet, it would qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Research and Campanology

Eijsbouts physicists and campanologists have developed, in cooperation with the University of Eindhoven, proprietery software that accurately predicts the vibrational characteristics of a bell based on its profile (the combination of the inner and outer shapes) and material composition. The calculations show the frequency and amplitude of the dominant harmonic partials, as well as their decay characteristics.

Advanced computer program designs bell profiles and predicts partials. Cutaway view of cast bronze bell showing profile and tuning marks.

The profiles and bronze alloy compositions of historic bells have been imported into this program for analysis. Improvements can be tested on the computer before test castings are made for verification purposes. These developments have lead to a number of standard bell profiles that ring with various timbral qualities.

The Hemony profile, named for the famous 16th century founders François and Pieter Hemony, provide a richly harmonic sound commonly heard in the Flemish region of Europe. Many listeners prefer the sound of the English profile modeled after the beautiful carillon bells cast by the early 20th century founders Gillet and Johnston.

The Foundry

Bell making has not changed much since the twelfth century, although a modern foundry uses contemporary tools and materials. It can take several weeks to cast a bell from making the mold, to pouring the molten bronze, allowing sufficient time for cooling, cleaning and tuning.

Fine Tuning

Regardless of the technology used in the design of the bell, the musically trained human ear is the most valuable instrument utilized in the manufacture and tuning of the bells. Every Royal Eijsbouts bell we sell is a finely tuned musical instrument. So even if you purchase a single bell, you can be sure that bells added in the future will ring harmoniously together.

How Many Bells Do I Need?

Typical non-musical peals consist of three or four bells. Four bells can be chosen to play a familiar clock chiming melody. Our control system library provides 150 hymns that can be played on a chime of eight bells. This quickly doubles to more than 300 for a 10-bell chime then gradually grows to nearly 1000 for a 14-bell chime. Beyond 14 bells, a carillon of 23 or more bells allows any song to be arranged in a musically pleasing way.

Tuning Historic Bells

The renovation of a tower is the perfect time to think about improving your bells. Historic bells had little or no tuning applied to them after casting. Listen to the difference tuning made for the 1881 William Blake Chime we renovated for Channing Memorial Church in Newport Rhode Island:

Blake Chime - Untuned
Blake Chime - Tuned

Custom Bell Profiles and Tuning

We have successfully used the bell profile design software tools to match the timbre of bells from Early American foundries. New bells added to old chimes in this way do not stand out as sounding different than the older bells. If you would like to add bells to your chime or peal, allow us to visit and make an analysis of your existing bells.

Blake Chime - with new Eijsbouts bell

Decorated Bells

Swinging Bells mounted to yokes ready for installation Custom artwork on a comemorative bell.

Casting bells with a lost-wax process is a time consuming process that makes every bell a unique individual. Ornamentation is first molded in wax, down to each letter, then painstakingly applied one by one to the wax false bell. You may submit custom artwork that will be machined into a mold to make a wax appliqué that will be used to cast your bell with designs that are meaningful to your organization.

Undecorated and Stock Bells

In cases when you need a bell fast, we may have a stock bell that will meet your requirements. These bells are also priced to be more affordable than custom decorated bells.

Manual Play Keyboards

We can modernize your bells with clappers and transmission components that make your chime easier to play. A carillon-style baton keyboard will make room for additional bells and allow you to play with more dynamic musical expression.

Architects and Engineers

If you are working on a bell, chime or carillon project, please call us early in the design process. We can help you integrate the visual and acoustic elements required for a successful design. You will also find valuable resources on the excellent GCNA website.

See Royal Eijsbouts' website for more information.

Chime Master church bell manufactured by Royal Eijsbouts Bell Foundry

Projects with Eijsbouts Bells

  • Newtown, Connecticut
    St. Rose of Lima
    Sandy Hook Memorial
  • London, Ontario
    Fairfield Museum
    Replica Moravian Mission Bell
  • Flint, Michigan
    First Presbyterian Church
    Chime expanded to 11 bells
  • Waterville, Maine
    Colby College
    Replica of Revere Victory Bell
  • Waterville, Maine
    Colby College
    Repair cracked Revere bell
  • Marion, Indiana
    St. Paul Catholic Church
    3-Bell Peal
  • Shell Knob, Missouri
    Holy Family Church
  • Houston, Texas
    Belvedere Ranch
    2-Bell Peal
  • Forest City, North Carolina
    Immaculate Conception Church
    3-Bell Peal
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
    IUPUI Campus Center
    25-Bell Carillon and automation
  • Lafayette, Louisianna
    Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
    Added ten bells to to the existing 4-bell peal to provide a 14-bell chime
  • Newport Rhode Island
    Channing Memorial Church
    Chime tuning, added compatibly tuned sharp 4th bell and manual carillon baton keyboard to support 13 bells (built-in to historic Ellecombe rope console)
  • Lancaster Ohio
    First Methodist Church
    10-Bell Chime
  • Portland Oregon
    University of Portland
    14-Bell Chime
  • Plover Wisconsin
    St. Bronislava Parish
    Peal (Historic bell tuning)
  • Houston Texas
    Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
    23-Bell Carillon
  • Fairfield Connecticut
    Sacred Heart University Chapel
    Four-Bell Peal
  • Brookville New York
    Orthodox Church of the Holy Resurrection
  • Plainfield Illinois
    Plainfield United Methodist Church - Chime expansion
  • Schenectady, New York
    St. John the Evangelist Parish
    Two Eijsbouts bells in a 3-bell peal
  • University of Alabama
    23-bell carillon renovation and automation
  • Detroit Michigan
    Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
    Chime expansion from 11 to 15 bells
  • Montalba Texas
  • Blooming Grove Texas
    First Baptist Church
  • St. Helena California
    Grace Episcopal Church
  • Guntersville Alabama
    St. William Catholic Church
  • Martinville Ohio
    Gladys Chapel
  • Dallas Texas
    Old Red Courthouse
    Historic bell replica
  • Bristol Connecticut
    St. Stanislaus Church
  • Seattle Washington
    Seattle Art Museum
  • New Haven Connecticut
    Hopkins School
  • Santa Fe New Mexico
    San Deiego Church
  • Bahamas
    Sandals Resort
  • Spokane Washington
    Ridgeview Elementary School
  • San Luis Obispo California
    United Methodist Church
    Peace Bell
  • Antioch Illinois
    Faith Ev. Lutheran Church

23-Bell Carillon at St Barnabas on the Desert Episcopal Church


Eijsbouts carillons in the USA