Bell Ringing Equipment

Many churches and parishes have bells they are unable to ring. Cast bronze bells represented a tremendous investment when they were originally installed, and are a real treasure today. Our automation products will breathe new life into your bell tower.

Our automatic bell ringing equipment is based on our flexible and easy to use Millennium Carillon platform. All automation products are compatible with the enhanced features that our Windows based Management Suite provides. Any number of bells can be suitably actuated by electromechanical hammers, clappers, pneumatic clavier action or swinging bell motors.

Automatic Controllers

The Millennium Carillon features the optional capability of automating tower bells along with any electronic tower bell ringing or interior organ chiming you want.

Bell control systems for cast bell chimes or carillons feature music libraries for all seasons. More than one hundred musical selections are available for eight bells, to more than 600 selections for two or more octaves of bells. These controllers are available in either a rack mount or compact wall mount enclosure (9" x 9" x 2").

Wall Mount Controller

User programmable swinging bell simulation for stationary bells has an adjustable tempo and back swing timing for each bell. Other ringing features include prayer and angelus bells, Mass bells, festive pealing bells, funeral tolls and flexible clock striking.

  • Security keypad passcode
  • Accurate battery backed clock with available synchronization
  • Auto daylight saving time adjustments (all global time zones)
  • Funeral toll countdown (1 to 199)
  • Customizable simulated swinging on stationary bells
  • Swinging motor outputs with tolling hammer lockout
  • Clock striking with or without chimes appropriate to your bells
  • Complete power failure reset without user intervention
  • USB connectivity for remote management software apps

Affordable Manual Controllers

To manually activate a call to mass or funeral toll on a single bell we have five-button control panels to meet these modest requirements. Each button lights to indicate which function is active.

  • One Minute Swing
  • Five Minute Swing
  • Instant single toll
  • Five Minute Toll
  • Stop button cancels ringing
  • Swinging cadence customized for your bell

Carillons and Chimes

Our pneumatic system (shown below) can be fitted to existing carillon claviers and chime stands. Using an existing manual action for automation simplifies maintenance and can potentially extend the life of instruments that are infrequently played.

Pneumatic Carillon Automation

Tubular Tower Chimes

We have developed a complete ringing solution for tubular tower chime instruments. This new system rings the bells with a pneumatic linear ram and sostenuto control system, resulting in a sound consistent with the original electric action. We recently finished installing this new action on a beautiful 30-bell J. C. Deagan harmonically-tuned Tower Chime at the First Christian Church in Des Moines, Iowa.

The new action is controlled by our Millennium bell controller that provides scheduled automatic play, the ability to record thousands of additional musical selections, and comprehensive programming using the Management Suite software package. The bells may be played from either a 5th floor study while listening to the actual bells, or the sanctuary using our proprietary audio system. The bells are electronically reproduced in the sanctuary either alone (for rehearsal or recording) or in tandem with the tower bells. The sostenuto control provided in the tower is also electronically replicated in the sanctuary so the performer hears exactly how the bells will sound from the tower.

First Christian's treasured bells rang again on Christmas Eve, 2010, after more than 20 years of silence. Senior Minister Tim Diebel and Organist Carl Staplin allowed us to video their first impressions. The system plays four hymns at 10 AM, 1PM and 5PM Monday through Saturday in addition to ringing the time on the hour and half hour during the day.

Deagan Tower Chime with Damper System

Remote Control Mobile App

Church Bell remote control mobile app

A Few Installations

  • Markham, ONT
    Cathedral of the Transfiguration
    Automation and motor replacement for the world's largest three-bell swinging peal (60,800 lbs / 27,580 kg)
  • Burlington, VT
    Immaculate Conception Cathedral
    Automation and toller renovation
  • Cincinnati, OH
    St. Teresa of Avila Parish
    Renovation of 11-bell chime including hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating the original bell frame, new clappers and automation system
  • Bloomfield Hills, MI
    Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
    Automatic controller for 35-bell carillon with interior sound system, keyboard renovation, 35 new electric clappers and hot-dip-galvanized bell mounts
  • Mount Pleasant, MI
    Zion Lutheran Church
    Automatic controller with custom electric clapper
  • Jonesboro, AR
    Dean B. Ellis Library
    Arkansas State University
    Millennium Platinum Control System for tower speakers and 23-bell carillon with swinging bell controls and remote scheduling system
  • Columbus OH
    Memorial Chimes at Orton Hall
    The Ohio State University
    Chime Control System and remote scheduling system
  • Gloucester MA
    City Hall Restoration
    Bell and Clock sync with automatic bell controller and tolling hammer
  • Bridgeport CT
    St. Charles Borromeo Church
    Millennium Carillon with Bell Control, tolling hammer and IntelliSwing motor
  • Cherry Hill NJ
    St. Thomas More Church
    Millennium Carillon and 4-bell Control
  • Denver CO
    City and County Building
    Chime controller with Clock interface
  • West Jordan UT
    St. Joseph the Worker Parish
    Automatic controller with custom electric clapper
  • Morganton NC
    First Baptist Church
    23-bell Carillon Control system with inside monitoring and organ console interface
  • Shell Knob, Missouri
    Holy Family Church
  • Lawrence MA
    St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church
    Chime Controller
  • Jackson TN
    The Jackson Memorial Carillon
    First Presbyterian Church
    Pneumatic keyboard automation controls (on 38 of the 47 bells), bell re-hanging and carillon action improvements
  • Tuscaloosa AL
    Denny Chimes
    University of Alabama
    Millennium Platinum control system for 25 bells and tower speakers, custom two-manual keyboard console renovation supporting multple voices and transposition, monitoring system, GPS sync, Millenium Suite management system