Six-SS shown with optional amplifier and oak cabinets
Six-SS carillon shown with optional amplifier and oak cabinetry.


Affordable Solid State Digital Carillon

The Chime Master Six-SS carillon is a full-featured, completely solid state digital electronic carillon. Chime Master engineers designed every circuit and line of firmware code in this instrument specifically for easy church bell ringing and long lasting value.

The Chime Master carillon is a stand-alone church bell ringing system that does not require a PC for operation. It has no hard-drives, CDs or other moving parts. Bell ringing and music recordings are stored internally on solid state FLASH memory.

Our best selling Chime Master carillon is perfect for those who do not need to play the bells from a keyboard. The FLASH memory of the Six-SS stores more than 600 favorite hymns recorded using two of our most popular Millennium Carillon bell voices. When you order, you can choose music to ring on either the Concert Chime and Harp Bells or a 37-bell English Cast Bronze Carillon.

Standard Features

  • Made in USA
  • No Moving Parts
  • Five Year Warranty
  • "Set it and forget it" ease of use
  • Management Suite Download
  • More than 600 musical selections for all seasons
  • User SD card slot for MP3 files
  • Church bell ringing
  • Call to Worship/Mass bells
  • Prayer and Angelus Bells
  • Festive Pealing Bells
  • Funeral Tolls
  • Time striking
  • Rack Mountable


  • Choice of Bell voice
  • Full Premium Management Suite
  • Optional Oak Cabinet
  • Extended warranty
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Tower clock driver


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