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Chime Master Travelling Carillon Finds New Home


News and Education from the experts at Chime Master.

Chime Master Travelling Carillon Finds New Home

Jodi VD

Lancaster, OH – On Saturday, April 20, 2019, the Chime Master Mobile Millennium Carillon officially changed hands to become the Andrew W. Crawford Memorial Carillon. It will reside at a fixed site at the main entrance of the Venice Performing Arts Center in Venice, Florida. Chime Master purchased and moved the carillon to the US from Europe, where it toured as the Royal Eijsbouts Traveling Carillon. For the past 12 years, it has awed friends and clients of Chime Master across North America.

Mrs. Kimiko T. Crawford generously donated the funds for the 48 bell carillon instrument in memory of her late husband, Andrew W. Crawford. The carillon will be dedicated on the evening of Sunday, May 5, 2019 at the Venice Performing Arts Center.

Mr. Wylie Crawford, son of Mr. Andrew Crawford, currently serves as Senior University Carillonneur of the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Resident Carillonneur of the Chicago Botanic Garden, and President of the Venice Carillon Foundation, Inc. Mr. Crawford met with Mr. Jeff Crook and Mr. Rick White of Chime Master on Saturday to complete the transfer of ownership. While at Chime Master’s facility near Sugar Grove, he played a short, impromptu performance on the carillon for visiting students from the Ohio University School of Music. Mr. Crawford, who also served as the immediate past President of the World Carillon Federation, is an enthusiastic promoter of the art of the carillonneur. He is excited about the educational value of the carillon for arts and music students in the Sarasota County School district.

Jeff Crook commented,

Wylie Crawford has always been interested in promoting the carillon. He has a long history of doing so by encouraging young students at the University of Chicago and teaching students of all ages at the Chicago Botanic Garden carillon and the Millennium carillon in Naperville, Illinois. Wylie has always been an outstanding ambassador for the carillon and we couldn’t be more pleased that this instrument, which holds many fond memories for him as a traveling carillon, is now in his care.

Mr. Crawford states,

I give heartfelt thanks to Jeff Crook and Rick White of Chime Master for their assiduous restoration of the carillon, which was on the verge of being torn apart for the sale of the individual bells when I contacted them about buying the entire instrument last fall. They really didn't want to sell the bells individually, and were therefore gracious in allowing me the time to establish the Sarasota Carillon Foundation Inc. as a charitable corporation and to find both a donor and a suitable location for the instrument.

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For information about the Venice Performing Arts Center, please visit their website.

You may also contact Mr. Wylie Crawford by email at