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U.S. based manufacturer of Digital Carillons, Electronic Carillons and Bell Controllers for churches, courthouses, homes, and places of business. 

Practice Clavier

Chime Master Carillon Clavier is a keyboard that couples a weighted baton action with a standard MIDI output to emulate the traditional carillon playing experience on a digital carillon instrument.


Carillon Practice at Home

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or professional carillonneur, you can enhance your skill and expertise without leaving the comfort of home. Even if the nearest carillon tower is quite a distance away, you can ensure you’ll always be ready for a performance.   Combining quality and affordability into a standards compliant, touch sensitive package, the Chime Master Practice Clavier is designed to provide a realistic carillon experience. 

Chime Master Practice Claviers are available for purchase as a kit or fully assembled and delivered to your door.  

Fully assembled Practice Claviers are also available to rent for a modest monthly fee. 

Key Features:

  • Standard MIDI output to connect to your MIDI Keyboard or computer (with available MIDI to USB cable)

  • Full touch sensitivity on manual keys and pedals

  • 49 Adjustable weight batons

  • 20 Pedals (1-1/2 octaves)

  • Use a Mac or PC to hear authentic carillon bells while playing the practice keyboard

  • Optional custom wood and synthetic coverings (open frame is standard)

  • Optional synthetic batons (wood is standard)

  • One Year Chime Care Warranty