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U.S. based manufacturer of Digital Carillons, Electronic Carillons and Bell Controllers for churches, courthouses, homes, and places of business. 

Ring Your Church Bell From Anywhere With Church Bell Software, Remote Control App

Management software and mobile apps enhance the versatility of Chime Master church bell control systems.

Connect from Anywhere

I love your spirit of availability and listening culture. Your company treats their customers with respect and dignity.
— Fr. Peter Nwachuku, Immaculate Conception Church, Ajo, AZ

Church Bell Remote Mobile App

47 bell carillon, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson TN

47 bell carillon, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson TN

The Chime Master Church Bell Remote™ app is a great way to control your bells when you can’t be near the carillon system. A quick tap of your mobile device screen will ring the bells for any special occasion. This free app requires the Management Suite™ premium license described below.

Key Features:

  • Displays bell system status
  • Customization buttons for desired ringing and music with meaningful pictures of their functionality
  • Ability to suspend/re-activate automatic schedule
  • Select and play any selection
  • Stop any currently ringing selection
  • Menus for keyboard performance and recording modes
  • Encrypted user authentication
  • Restrict access times and functionality per user

Management Suite


Chime Master’s plain English setup menu has enabled thousands of churches to simply set and forget their automatic bell ringing schedule. Our Management software adds graphical versatility to simplicity. For decades we’ve led the industry with advanced ringing technology, and are excited to present the latest release of this powerful software.

Standard Features:

  • Easy weekly schedule editing
  • Graphical review and setting of clock striking schedule
  • Front panel of Libertas bell controller appears on PC screen for networked remote access
  • Create and perform concert set lists
  • Setup and backup of all system settings
  • Synchronize all connected clocks to internet time (internet connection required)
  • Free lifetime software updates and support

Additional Libertas Bell Control Features:

  • Enables remote control mobile app (available from App Store and Play Store)
  • Administration of remote app user authorizations
  • Annual and special event scheduling
  • Multiple weekly schedule management for automatic changes
  • Favorite music librarian to create your own seasonal random playlists

Platinum & Millennium Management Features:

  • Adjust tempo and key of any music selections in the carillon
  • Import MIDI files from your notation software to the recording library
  • Title and assign random seasons to recordings stored in the music library