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U.S. based manufacturer of Digital Carillons, Electronic Carillons and Bell Controllers for churches, courthouses, homes, and places of business. 


Upgrade Your Current Electronic Carillon or Church Bells

Chime Master offers multiple upgrade paths for our current customers or those who are looking to upgrade from our competitors systems.

Church Bell Carillon Upgrades

Technologically Advanced Church Bell Ringing System

Chances are your existing electronic carillon or church bell ringing system is giving you a hard time. Worse, it may not be playing at all because you haven't been able to find a repair technician or parts for it. Bring back the sound of beautiful bells and chimes to your church and community. Call 800-344-7464 today to learn about our line of digital carillons. Our carillons offer the highest quality digital sound and are easy to operate. 

Made in the USA by Chime Master®, these carillons feature the most amazing Chime Care™ warranty available.

Reliable Solid State Design - Amazing Features

All of the Chime Master digital carillons are built without moving parts. All church bell ringing and music is stored as digital audio in modern solid state memory. There are no discs, hard drives, or external chips to lose or damage. All Chime Master Carillons are designed to perform flawlessly. Our mission is to provide your church with trouble-free automatic bell ringing equipment, so you can focus on your ministry.

Brilliant Sound and Inspirational Music

We have the most extensive built-in music libraries available. Experienced church musicians have arranged and performed each hymn specifically for the musical bell voice you choose. Swinging bells, pealing bells, clock striking and prayer bells are also included at no extra cost.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Package

The upgrade package includes the one of our digital carillon control modules, and if you need it, a powerful separate tower speaker amplifier. Our product specialists can help you identify your old system and specify the correct wiring kit to allow you to connect the carillon and have it ringing in minutes.

To make your plug and play installation even easier, give us your ringing schedule and we'll completely configure and set up your carillon system before we ship it.

Chime Master digital carillons are compatible with most existing church bell ringing speakers and amplifiers. We can help you determine if yours need replacing. If your tower amplifier is serviceable, you can save even more! Call today for information about our professional quality carillon tower amplifiers, speakers and speaker drivers.

We have factory trained sales engineers and technicians throughout the US to provide on-site consultation and installation at reasonable rates.

Our Reputation

Thousands of churches have updated their old Belltron, BRG, Maas Rowe, Quasimodo, Schulmerich and Verdin bell systems with the dependable Chime Master Carillon. Call us to request references near you. Chime Master has been in business for more than 50 years and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

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