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6312 Goss Rd
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U.S. based manufacturer of Digital Carillons, Electronic Carillons and Bell Controllers for churches, courthouses, homes, and places of business. 

Church Bell Automation, Church Bell Ringing Equipment

Tradition: pulling a rope to ring a church bell. Innovation: tap your mobile phone to ring your church bells. Chime Master is connecting Tradition and Innovation. 

Bell Automation

Four bells, Sacred Heart Univ. Fairfield, CT

Four bells, Sacred Heart Univ. Fairfield, CT

Connect technology to tradition with our complete line of church bell electrification and automation products. We build bell ringing systems with the convenience of a plain English user experience and the reliability of our rugged bell ringing equipment.

Bell Controllers

Sometimes called master clocks, these advanced computer control heads run programs for all church bell ringing traditions and are ready for your schedule or command. Fully automatic controllers can be networked and accessed using our exclusive mobile remote control app and Management software

All electronic components are covered by five years of Chime Care. All mechanical components are guaranteed not to fail from manufacturing or design defects for three years.

Key Features

  • Manual and Automatic functionality
  • Easy flexible scheduling
  • SmartAlmanac for automatic daylight time and random musical selections appropriate for the current liturgical season
  • Generous library of church bell ringing programs and music, perfectly arranged for the scope of your bells
  • Westminster and other clock chimes provided that are appropriate for your bells
  • High voltage switching components located separately near the bells
  • MIDI keyboard input for live musical performances and recording
  • Recording Librarian for adding new songs to your bell music library
  • Tolling, swinging, pealing, and clock striking
  • Compact wall or standard rack mounting
  • Compatible with most existing bell ringing equipment

System Options and Accessories