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U.S. based manufacturer of Digital Carillons, Electronic Carillons and Bell Controllers for churches, courthouses, homes, and places of business. 

Electronic Carillons and Digital Church Bells

Chime Master Electronic Carillons provide churches and civic organizations with an affordable alternative to church bells. All Chime Master Digital Carillons come with hundreds of bell songs and hymns. Traditional Church Bell and Tower Chime sounds are standard. 

The system could only be considered to be the finest of digital systems. We are beyond belief in the quality of the new tones coming from our tower. I listen in amazement each time I am able to hear them.
— First United Methodist Church, Fort Dodge, Iowa
  • Intuitive touch screen interface

  • Easiest remote control

  • HD-Bells™

  • Keyboard recording standard

  • The most bell voices

  • Ultimate performance carillon

  • High definition sound

  • Thousands of songs and hymns

  • Control and augment real bells

  • Connect to MIDI organ keyboard

  • Hundreds of songs and hymns

  • Standard definition sound quality

Management software and remote control mobile apps

Management software and remote control mobile apps

Here's how we integrate your new system to your current infrastructure

Here's how we integrate your new system to your current infrastructure

Build a bell ringing system shaped to your congregation or campus needs.

Build a bell ringing system shaped to your congregation or campus needs.


Platinum AX

Give your church a distinctive voice with the Platinum AX™ electronic carillon. The Platinum AX has been designed from the ground up to be the finest Digital Carillon available. Featuring HD-Bells™, our completely remastered bell voices for the most authentic sound.

Control the carillon from anywhere! Tap the Remote button on the home screen and the system displays a QR code. Scan the code with your phone’s camera and the app will instantly install on your phone for remote control of the bells. This feature requires an Internet connection. The Platinum AX comes with both wired and wireless network connection capability.

It comes with a selection of thousands of hymn arrangements, but you can also expand your collection by recording or importing thousands more. Once you’ve selected your musical arrangement, choose from 15 bell sounds to hear it. Enjoy a wealth of sounds at your fingertips.


Key Features

Read more about our Carillon Music Library on our help site.



Traditional quality sound at a great value

Get the best of both quality and value with the Millennium® electronic carillon. Choose from high-definition bell sounds and thousands of hymn arrangements, in a system protected by our Chime Care™ 5-year warranty. Live keyboard performance can integrate the beautiful sound of bells into your worship.

Included is our largest variety of liturgical peals, tolls and individual bells, all customizable with 4 types of bell sounds: English cast bronze bells (both chime and carillon), concert chimes, and concert harp bells. Our highest audio fidelity paired with high-definition speakers creates the convincing sound of cast bells. By adding our Chime Master® bell automation equipment, you can also control any treasured bells you already own. 


Key Features

  • 5 Year Chime Care™ Warranty

  • Four musical bell voicings

  • Highest fidelity sound

  • Control and augment real bells

  • Available Keyboards

  • Connect to MIDI organ

  • Specification on our help site



Set it and forget it simplicity

Our Six–SS™ digital carillon provides all of the ringing features that meet the needs of most churches who do not need a keyboard ready performance carillon. It is protected by our 5-year Chime Care™ warranty. It features hundreds of high fidelity recordings of both liturgical bell ringing and beloved hymn selections, available with either the sound of an English Cast Bronze Carillon, or Concert Chime and Harp Bells. Perfect for those looking for the ease of a digital carillon on a budget.


Key Features

  • 5 Year Chime Care™ Warranty

  • Includes hundreds of songs and hymns

  • One bell voice: choose either Concert chime & harp bells or English cast bronze carillon at the time of order

  • Specification on our help site