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U.S. based manufacturer of Digital Carillons, Electronic Carillons and Bell Controllers for churches, courthouses, homes, and places of business. 


Chime Master intelli-Swing electrification of swinging bells. Unique systems to replace or augment rope pulled ringing.


Nothing makes a more joyful sound than a peal of swinging church bells. We offer the broadest line of components available for swinging your bells exactly the way you want. Your intelliSwing™ system can include new bells from one of our partner bell foundries or we can custom design a ringing system for your existing bells.

Key Features

  • Three year Chime Care™ warranty
  • All-climate operation
  • Intelligent swinging motor control electronics
  • Consistent bell ringing
  • Customized systems for your unique bells
  • All solid state current switching and rotation sensing


intelli-Swing™ MagForce™ motor

intelli-Swing™ MagForce motor

Rotary motor with intelli-Swing™ control

Rotary motor with intelli-Swing™ control

Drive System Options

MagForce™ drive

  • Includes the intelli-Swing Precision motor computer
  • Touch-less, friction-less and nearly silent running
  • Stationary drive module induces electro-motive eddy current forces into an aluminum reaction plate mounted to the free swinging bell assembly propelling it into motion by the opposing magnetic field
  • Needs no wheel like rotary drives. This fact either frees up an existing wheel for traditional rope pulled ringing or presents an architecturally clean design in an open tower
  • Maintenance free motor never needs bearings or lubrication
  • Standard magnetic proximity sensor feedback
  • Optional bell yoke shaft rotary encoder for compact towers to maintain obstruction clearance

Rotary chain drive

  • Shaft mounted optical feedback for motor speed and direction detection
  • Bi-directional drive when used with the intelli-Swing Precision motor computer
  • Heavy-duty nickel-plated (stainless optional) number 40 chain
  • Totally enclosed motor with stainless steel sealed ball bearings
  • Wheel mounting hardware made with all stainless steel
  • Requires a sturdy steel bell wheel (optional accessory)
  • Dual motor systems are available to swing bells from to 8 to 16-tons

Rotary belt drive

  • As above with ultra-quiet belt drive
  • Requires soft-starting intelli-Swing Precision computer

Motor Swing Control Options

The pendulous motion of a swinging bell requires carefully controlled and timed electrical pulses to be applied to the motor to properly start and maintain the desired swinging angle. All Chime Master intelli-Swing motors are furnished with one of the following computerized motor control systems.

intelli-Swing Precision motor computer

The intelli-Swing Precision™ computer mounts on a wall near the motor to provide complete power management. This mathematically brilliant motor controller experiments and quickly learns the unique physical properties of your bell then carefully manages the energy required for perfect ringing and never overshoots the desired swinging angle.

  • MagForce and rotary motor support
  • UL/CSA listed motor overload protection
  • Bi-directional or uni-directional drive selection
  • Swing angle balancer for even ringing
  • MOSFET high current motor outputs
  • Thump-less soft-start eliminates high inrush currents
  • Power braking to slow the bell to finish ringing
  • Swing angle adjustment to within a tenth of a degree
  • Over-swing protection
  • Power pulse profile optimization

 intelli-Swing motor control

The intelli-Swing™ micro-controller circuit board is built into a totally enclosed ball bearing motor. Integrated optical sensors provide feedback for rotation counting and a solid state relay provides unidirectional power pulses to the motor.

  • Easy installation
  • Adjustment for swing angle on the motor
  • Angle adjustable to a quarter of a motor revolution
  • Uni-directional drive only (like a rope)
  • Runs on single phase power
  • Optical sensors detect direction and rotation of motor shaft
  • Chain drive only
  • Solid state current switching up to 3/4 HP